Damn, I forgot my windows 7 admin password and Ubuntu 12.04 root password

So? Whats the solution?

Win7: A little search gave me this link: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/tp/passrecovery.htm

Which has quite few tools with tested feedback. After going through few of them, I have used number 2: Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD. Because it is damn small and easy. It comes with small app to make your pendrive /flash drive bootable. No need for extra hassle. Just extract the usb version to your pendrive and run the command:

X:syslinux.exe -ma X:

Where X is your pendrive letter. Reboot and follow the simple steps: Here.

Ubuntu 12.04: It is far easier if you have no grub password. If don’t know what is grub, it is more likely you do not have password protection. Again simple google search gave me few links, but some were missing one vital info. This one worked for me:¬†http://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-root-password. Actual missing instruction was:

mount -rw -o remount /

You need to use this command just before changing the password, as the shell we get doesn’t have write permission to those required files yet. Before running this command I was getting:¬†authentication token manipulation error

Hope this helps someone out there.


ShareKit and RestKit Error with Duplicate jsonkit.o

Ok here is what i have done to solve this issue.

I have deleted none of the files.
Just removed the reference of JSONKit.m from the sharekit section. which was in
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > core > helpers > jsonkit > JSONKit.m (just reference)

after that added restkit JSONKit.h and JSONKit.m to base project.
which was located in
restkit_folder > vendor > jsonkit

So, it started working.

If you have any updates or suggestions, please comment.


P.S. I have also faced some other problem with single sign on and some other library issues. So i have removed the reference of FoursquareV2 and Evernote as it wasn’t required for my project. I am sure following same process as above would have solved too. The sharer ref were removed from
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > sharers > services > conflict_groups