Random Thoughts

Wonders of life.. so simple yet so amazing..
Discrete phases of life… you can’t escape
-By Me

Always cheat! If you get caught – start a fight!!! 😛
-By unknown

Waiting is wasting for ppl like me 😉
naruto ending theme

It is not Control when you are doing no harm because you do not have the power to, but it is when you have the full power of doing harm and restraining your self to do so.
-By me 😀 (but shouldn’t it be a bare commonsense ?)

Everything that light touches is our kingdom (Lionking..)
-Then who owns the cave you live in? (not to mention bathrooms as well)


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. taufiq says:

    Sir this is Taufiq You see naruto. All of us herd are Anima watcher.:)

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