The butt shop

Window shopping is not so popular in our country, yet. So i guess seller in the shops don’t bother much of displaying their product in front windows. But while i was returning home from a friends house suddenly this shops window caught my attention. It’s quite popular shop among young stars. I am not mentioning the name. but just a clue, you can find this shop around `eastern plaza`. You can get the idea of what i am talking about from the picture.

hope you will enjoy it. sorry for the low quality pic. i managed it on request by someones mobile picture. was planning to write this blog for long, but it was lagging for unavailable picture and busyness. I’ll try to get a better one in the near future. hope the shop owners do not read blogs and caught me while i m getting new one :D.

take care all.Butt shop


Death of another simplicity

Ever wondered how to get a high paid job? From one of my teachers comment, it comes out to be a simple way. Never thing easy, kill the simplicity. You will end up with a big paid job :). This reminds me one of our keyword `therap`. I guess my friends will get the idea of this keyword and remembers that, the keyword holder finally got a high paid job :D. Anyway lets start with the main topic. I was working with the mssql and stuck with a problem. i wanted to do something like:
select a,b from table limit 10
select a,b from table limit 20,10

But i end up with only one keyword top. which will give you first n rows, no way you can get the second query. so the final work around is this:
select * from (
select top 10 * from (
select top 30 a,b
from table
order by id asc
) as newtbl order by id desc
) as newtbl2 order by id asc

If you want to get more idea of this type of query you can visit these addresses:

Finally i am thinking…..
i should move to more MS developments, learn some work around of simplicity and end up with a high paid job :D. Simple equation huh!?

Online Generators, A BIG Relief? or another pain in …

There you go… now ppl don’t make anything. They just generate. Like poof and wallah you got your self a whatever you want. But why ppl still pay for making stuff when all the generators are available? Well My opinion, nothing comes out of the box. You are bound to make even a tiny change when you are building even a simplest project.

Thanks GOD that ppl of software consuming company in my country doesn’t have much idea about these yet. Or they might start to say, ‘Hey you have generators to make this. Why do you want the money you are asking?’. From One great software engineer’s view, ‘They are in bad habit of getting pirated software in cheap price.’

Yet another example, once i went to a company by a call for making their website. After i gave him the pricing i want to work by, they asked why are you asking so much and need this amount of time? He has another company’s quotation which is somewhat less then me and they will take small time, which was unbelievable. Well i have failed to make them understand the point of cross-browser compatibility and the time would need for requirement gathering. So how would you make them realize the amount of time and work needed behind it, if they have no idea of that they are asking.

Don’t runaway yet. I have another piece of story to share. Recently I am working with company for a renowned newspapers’ sister concern site. We got the chance of working with them because they do not want other big companies to interfere in the relation of client. They have the fear of takeover with this project. So we are developing the wap and sms system for this site. Now, the day this site’s information went to the public newspaper ad. Many ppl started querying about the wap. As this is a new thing for our country. Most funny among them was, a bunch of ppl came to that office. Most of them are above 30 or so. The first thing they asked was, ‘wap ta ki jinish vai? amar to office er site er jonno dorkar. ami jodi amar office er jonno korete chai ta hole ki lagbe?’. which comes to the point is, ‘what is wap? i want if for my office site. What do i need to have one?’

May be its not funny but it seems to me. Like the person doesn’t have idea what it is but wants it. Something like a baby wants a shiny object even without knowing what it might be.

But, after all these… here you go. You might want to make a question what this list is missing rather then what it contains. I like some one’s comment in that list, ‘We just need a coffee generator right now’.
Generator List

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy ppl.