Name: M. Abdur Rahman
Nick: Adnan, … (various other, better not to mention 🙂

I have started my journey of life at 1983 (according my cert 🙂 my mother knows the real :D.
Enjoyed various rise and falls until class 6. Its because of my health condition i had to move school to school. Couldn’t do much of a class regularly. So i was short of attendance. Also nothing what you can call a friend. But got a Big advantage that time, i adapted the habit of reading. After that i was admitted to Rajdhani High School at class 6. Where i got some great line of friends with whom i am still attached closely.

Afterward i went to CODA and finally BRAC University. Done with my Undergrad on spring 07.


  • Working as CTO for Amadeyr Cloud Ltd (Organisation and Commercial Division). [2011 – Till date]
  • Visiting faculty at BRAC University for Internet and mobile Programming. [2009 – Till date]
  • Work with friends at our company [Anonymous Technologies (AnonTech)].
  • Freelancer at freelancer.com formerly Vworker.com formerly Rentacoder.com (Profile) [2004 – Till date (currently sleeping)]

Till now worked on:

  • Part time research programmer at Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing (CRBLP) of BRAC University.
  • As CTO with jhoroTEK [2007 – 2009].
  • Mohammadan Sporting Club, Dhaka – While in college, for their website. But didn’t workout well.
  • Correspondent.tv -as web developer and VPS3 server admin. At my final year of undergrad.
  • MARS Solution LTD – For prothom-alojobs.com WAP & SMS Service Development.
  • SoftEd Systems – For Banglavision TV Channel’s complete SMS push pull server.

Any thing you wanna fill in? be my guest :o)….
Have a Good day… chao


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Given sufficient resources and time, this man would have conquered half of the software industry….

    Another poiNt, you caN’t garble his thoughts for long. His escape is gifted.

  2. Stealth says:

    FYI, if you’re wondering about the other half, don’t worry. The author of the previous comment would take care of that 😉

  3. HumaN says:

    Very funny…
    for 2nd comment, there is much sobvability 😉

  4. hi adnan,

    i am bijon(x student of BRAC). Nice to see your blog .


  5. Zico says:

    That means…

    You are getting *Monster* day by day…

    Hoping that, you will be the *Master of Monster* one day….

    Be best…

  6. ..... says:

    bhuya……..ei tomar obosthat

  7. Agree with Annajiat Sir.. Annajiat Sir You are with the rest half of Software industry. Sir You are Our inspiration..

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