BlackBerry Link and macOSX Sierra issue

You might find it difficult to sync with any BB devices after updating your os to latest version, which is in current time Sierra.

After some digging finally found a good solution which works.

[Solution for BB10 and Mac OS Sierra]

Disconnect all USB cables.
Uninstall all BB software using the “Uninstall program from BB Link – you can download it and use the uninstall feature.

Go to System Preferences/Network on you mac.
Check the USB connections on the left for duplicate names for Blackberry and delete duplicate.
For the Blackberry Connection remaining, Under the Advanced Tab ensure that Hardware configuration is set to Auto.
Hit apply.
Reboot without any USB cables attached.
Do a hard reboot of BB10.

Reinstall BB Link by using the following method:
1) Double click on Blackberry Link dmg
2) On the open Icon “Install Blackberry 10 Desktop Software” right click – show package contents
3) Double Click on Contents, double click on Resources, double click Blackberry Blend.pkg
4) Installation program should open, click install Blackberry Link
5) Run the install program and then reboot.

On your BB, under USB enable USB Mass Storage Mode. This seems to get the Passport recognized in Sierra once you enter the device password on your computer

Open BB Link. It will recognize your BB device as a new one. Follow the instructions and BB Link should work after you enter the BB device password. Can’t get Blend to work yet.

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