ShareKit and RestKit Error with Duplicate jsonkit.o

Ok here is what i have done to solve this issue.

I have deleted none of the files.
Just removed the reference of JSONKit.m from the sharekit section. which was in
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > core > helpers > jsonkit > JSONKit.m (just reference)

after that added restkit JSONKit.h and JSONKit.m to base project.
which was located in
restkit_folder > vendor > jsonkit

So, it started working.

If you have any updates or suggestions, please comment.


P.S. I have also faced some other problem with single sign on and some other library issues. So i have removed the reference of FoursquareV2 and Evernote as it wasn’t required for my project. I am sure following same process as above would have solved too. The sharer ref were removed from
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > sharers > services > conflict_groups


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