Electrons, Here I Arrive…

Its a long long long……. story.. short: One of my school friend became school teacher. As he was new, silently forced to take responsibility of arranging a science fair. He have to arrange few projects, make them successful and show to the students… you know, our the usual other way round thingy.

So, me to the rescue.. arranged a small project with an electronics person. I talked with him and finalized the delivery date and price. But at the day before deadline I called him to know the status, he replied: “Apne to amake ovabe bolen nai. Ei kaj korte gale keu nijer poisay kore. Amake jinish kine dite hobe. bla bla bla “. In short, as I took the responsibility, I am F… up (too usual in here).

I said, “Grrrr” and “Ok lets see whats so special about it”. I have strong interest in electronics, specially the fusion of hardware and software part (low level programming, it’s low man :)) ). But never ventured the electronics part before (though did some digital logic way back in undergrad).

Started searching and learning. Gathered design and basic behind the “Light Sensitive Switch” used for nightlights.

Why am I writing this post again? Yah, right… I want share with newbies or the beginners our there with same interest to get out and get started.
Like Phil Collins say,
Don’t be scared, don’t be shy
Lift your head it’s gonna be alright

Stuffs bought, we started with diagram and nothing worked :P. We were in tense situation, whats wrong? Later we got the idea, there were some damaged components. In the process we forgot which Resistor in what ohm. Searched and found this site for easy calculation. Just remember the first band is other side of golder band.

Also checkout these fine sites to support you with some weird ideas on tech thingy.

One is instructables. Excellent design and detailed step by step instructions. You can find what i have worked on in here. Also more detailed diagram in here.

Another, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. I like it for simple and weird ideas. I have done this project.

In final word, price of components are not that high. Above two project components in two sets each was around 200TK. Try it out if you have interest. Be careful with hot rods 😀 (The Soldering Iron). Tryout the project in a breadboard before fixing/finalizing it on board. Bread board is a bit costly but its worth it if you are planning to venture these sort of stuff often. Some of our work picture is posted at the end.
Enjoy…. ppl.


One thought on “Electrons, Here I Arrive…

  1. David Brown says:

    You do know what you’re doing, so keep at it.
    Thank you!


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