Another Mysql Enemy (ERROR-2003)

Once again, the mysql problem halted my work for several hours. This is the first time it showed me error in this manner. Then again this wasted my hours of work. So what was its behavior? It was refusing all the connections to the server. But server is running smoothly. So, i went for ultimate solution, the Google. Finally found out it was a problem due to some blockade in the system or firewall level. Then again, there was a work around. You can use the pc ip instade of pc name. Like for my case, `localhost` became `` and it was working fine. But i wanted to solve the problem so i opened the configure of my firewall and re adjusted the permission for the mysql. Fixed………….

problem: server not responding, error:2003
solve: workaround, change connection pc name to ip. or reconfigure the firewall for mysql.

You can get more infos in here and here.


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