route to H……

It was another hot, humid, sunny day. While going to a certain path, it was way too long to cover with the energy at stock. Almost at end point of energy when the horrible state arrives. Facing road with a confused look. Its a forked road ahead. As far i know a fork has four parts at split end. But now facing five ways to choose from. Damn its tough to say which way to go. Also at the end of energy. Almost dying. But its too late already……

Well, it’s the scenario of my connections. Ever tried to connect with a specific path while you have more then one lan in pc? May be you tried with 2-3. But i was trying with 2+3=5 Lan connections. Man it was making me crazy, was going nuts. Some times one connection connects ok, but the other one keeps wondering where to go, which path to take. After few days of search and try… Came to a solution. Windows route command. It has a table of ips, gateways and lans. You can specify which route to take and by which lan and blah.

Solution: Windows Route table.
route add ip gateway
route -p add ip gateway
ip:connect to this ip.
gateway: through this gateway.
-p: to make it in reg, so it stays even after you restart.
*you can also mention lan card to use in this connection to be more specific and sure shot :).

Details can be found here.
System: SMS Server system with java.


One thought on “route to H……

  1. Stealth says:

    omg A-T-E-L !!!! 😮
    Just when I was starting to think that this could be a short “adnan bhaia ;)” kinda story, you get to those route table tech things :@

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