The butt shop

Window shopping is not so popular in our country, yet. So i guess seller in the shops don’t bother much of displaying their product in front windows. But while i was returning home from a friends house suddenly this shops window caught my attention. It’s quite popular shop among young stars. I am not mentioning the name. but just a clue, you can find this shop around `eastern plaza`. You can get the idea of what i am talking about from the picture.

hope you will enjoy it. sorry for the low quality pic. i managed it on request by someones mobile picture. was planning to write this blog for long, but it was lagging for unavailable picture and busyness. I’ll try to get a better one in the near future. hope the shop owners do not read blogs and caught me while i m getting new one :D.

take care all.Butt shop


mysql Error-1067 damn

Picture this, almost 1 AM, almost done with the job. you just wanna get done with it and return home. At this point suddenly you sql server starts giving damn error-1067. How would you feel? after restarting the server, no luck. Ok lets restart the OS, still no luck. Then back to the old but effective solution, google it. finally found the solution. There was some problem with the log file. While i was trying to fix the server my data got corrupted. So after i fix the server i had to re-populate the server with data and start the system. Finally i was done with the system and testing at 3 AM.

solution: delete the logfiles and restart the server.

system: it was a java coded, mysql backed SMS server solution for a renowned TV channel in Bangladesh.

you can get more details on this error in here.