Death of another simplicity

Ever wondered how to get a high paid job? From one of my teachers comment, it comes out to be a simple way. Never thing easy, kill the simplicity. You will end up with a big paid job :). This reminds me one of our keyword `therap`. I guess my friends will get the idea of this keyword and remembers that, the keyword holder finally got a high paid job :D. Anyway lets start with the main topic. I was working with the mssql and stuck with a problem. i wanted to do something like:
select a,b from table limit 10
select a,b from table limit 20,10

But i end up with only one keyword top. which will give you first n rows, no way you can get the second query. so the final work around is this:
select * from (
select top 10 * from (
select top 30 a,b
from table
order by id asc
) as newtbl order by id desc
) as newtbl2 order by id asc

If you want to get more idea of this type of query you can visit these addresses:

Finally i am thinking…..
i should move to more MS developments, learn some work around of simplicity and end up with a high paid job :D. Simple equation huh!?


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