Death of another simplicity

Ever wondered how to get a high paid job? From one of my teachers comment, it comes out to be a simple way. Never thing easy, kill the simplicity. You will end up with a big paid job :). This reminds me one of our keyword `therap`. I guess my friends will get the idea of this keyword and remembers that, the keyword holder finally got a high paid job :D. Anyway lets start with the main topic. I was working with the mssql and stuck with a problem. i wanted to do something like:
select a,b from table limit 10
select a,b from table limit 20,10

But i end up with only one keyword top. which will give you first n rows, no way you can get the second query. so the final work around is this:
select * from (
select top 10 * from (
select top 30 a,b
from table
order by id asc
) as newtbl order by id desc
) as newtbl2 order by id asc

If you want to get more idea of this type of query you can visit these addresses:

Finally i am thinking…..
i should move to more MS developments, learn some work around of simplicity and end up with a high paid job :D. Simple equation huh!?


Its wapy wap web out there

When ever you what to make a wap site, do care for tags. Its really nasty to work in wap environment. Its so sensitive even a single character mistake will return parse error. So do check in the

If you are working with dynamic site, then be careful with the `&` sign. Where ever it is, in url or in body text. It will kill your page and you will end up with a eagerness of ripping your hair :D. If you are importing your data from DB, do replace all `&` with `&` at the end. There are other exceptions as well but `&` is the cause of most choked pages.

You can check all the characters representation in here for help.
You can use this online validator for help.

Just another cronjob in the tab

Today, i made some shell scripts to automate some repeating job for freeBSD server i maintain. Jobs like, maintaining database backup for security reason. Also placed one for checking if apache tomcat is up and running. Take necessary steps and notify by email if not. Also one for checking and generating some useful listing from DB for company’s weekly work process.

Finally placed all the script in crontab to work in timely manner. In this process some useful handy dandy sites were: crontab, shell script and tools.

Hope these will be helpful to some one out there.