Weird Solution… to a very known problem….

Once upon a time in database class, we all read that all the special characters should be handled by putting a single ‘\’ before that character. But I don’t know why msSQL ppl want to make the things hard for all of us. Whenever everyone goes to a straight way, they start with the other way :P. very wise decision to make ppl notice that they are different ;-).

So what is the reason behind this post?
I wanted to insert a single quote (‘) to my msSQL DB. after wasting many bits from google i got the solution, you have to pass double single quote to make it acceptable to dear DB.

may be i need to make that a bit more clear, you have to replace all (‘) with 2X like (”) it not one double quote but its 2 single quotes. Man its hard to make ppl understand a simple thing. Damn, the microsoft ppl are so intelligent that why understood as well as implemented it.

whatever…. 😛


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