Digital Library and Information Science

Today, i was searching for a cheap version of any bistable (e-ink) display based eBook device. Yes, i often get these kinda kera (some kinda thought which pops a light on your head, but not that important) to search and get an idea. I was checking if i can effort an eBook device so i can make use of some online ebooks in more flexible way. While i was searching the web, i came across a really cool site related to the title of this post (i bet till now you were scratching your head to get the idea what is the relation between my title and junkies i am posing). its Megan Fox’s site. Site contains a really cool presentation which is a bit off dated, but still holds good amount of info for anyone trying to get a idea over digital/non-digital Library and Information Science.

presentation can be found here.
New addition, same presentation with some extra info at the end of it in here.


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