BlackBerry Link and macOSX Sierra issue

You might find it difficult to sync with any BB devices after updating your os to latest version, which is in current time Sierra.

After some digging finally found a good solution which works.

[Solution for BB10 and Mac OS Sierra]

Disconnect all USB cables.
Uninstall all BB software using the “Uninstall program from BB Link – you can download it and use the uninstall feature.

Go to System Preferences/Network on you mac.
Check the USB connections on the left for duplicate names for Blackberry and delete duplicate.
For the Blackberry Connection remaining, Under the Advanced Tab ensure that Hardware configuration is set to Auto.
Hit apply.
Reboot without any USB cables attached.
Do a hard reboot of BB10.

Reinstall BB Link by using the following method:
1) Double click on Blackberry Link dmg
2) On the open Icon “Install Blackberry 10 Desktop Software” right click – show package contents
3) Double Click on Contents, double click on Resources, double click Blackberry Blend.pkg
4) Installation program should open, click install Blackberry Link
5) Run the install program and then reboot.

On your BB, under USB enable USB Mass Storage Mode. This seems to get the Passport recognized in Sierra once you enter the device password on your computer

Open BB Link. It will recognize your BB device as a new one. Follow the instructions and BB Link should work after you enter the BB device password. Can’t get Blend to work yet.

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php date time formatting

$external “19/10/2016 14:48:21”;

$format “d/m/Y H:i:s”;
$dateobj DateTime::createFromFormat($format$external);

echo $dateobj->format(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’);
$date = new DateTime(‘2000-01-01’);
echo $date->format(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’);
to get current datetime simply:
$date = new DateTime();

Damn, I forgot my windows 7 admin password and Ubuntu 12.04 root password

So? Whats the solution?

Win7: A little search gave me this link:

Which has quite few tools with tested feedback. After going through few of them, I have used number 2: Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD. Because it is damn small and easy. It comes with small app to make your pendrive /flash drive bootable. No need for extra hassle. Just extract the usb version to your pendrive and run the command:

X:syslinux.exe -ma X:

Where X is your pendrive letter. Reboot and follow the simple steps: Here.

Ubuntu 12.04: It is far easier if you have no grub password. If don’t know what is grub, it is more likely you do not have password protection. Again simple google search gave me few links, but some were missing one vital info. This one worked for me: Actual missing instruction was:

mount -rw -o remount /

You need to use this command just before changing the password, as the shell we get doesn’t have write permission to those required files yet. Before running this command I was getting: authentication token manipulation error

Hope this helps someone out there.

ShareKit and RestKit Error with Duplicate jsonkit.o

Ok here is what i have done to solve this issue.

I have deleted none of the files.
Just removed the reference of JSONKit.m from the sharekit section. which was in
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > core > helpers > jsonkit > JSONKit.m (just reference)

after that added restkit JSONKit.h and JSONKit.m to base project.
which was located in
restkit_folder > vendor > jsonkit

So, it started working.

If you have any updates or suggestions, please comment.


P.S. I have also faced some other problem with single sign on and some other library issues. So i have removed the reference of FoursquareV2 and Evernote as it wasn’t required for my project. I am sure following same process as above would have solved too. The sharer ref were removed from
sharekit_subProject > classes > sharekit > sharers > services > conflict_groups

currently fixing bugs. If you find any bug, please report. Soon the android 2.3 support will be given.


This is a project of CRBLPBRAC University Dhaka Bangladesh.

The purpose of this project is to make Android 2.2 (Froyo) render Bangla properly.

Please do not try to apply this patch for any version of Android other than 2.2 (FROYO). We will try to give support to 2.3 (GINGERBREAD) as soon as possible.

 Installing Libraries and Fonts:

NOTE: For this process to work you will need to ROOT your Android Device. If you do not know what ROOT means do not download. Rooting purchased device could potentially void the warranty do at your own risk. The following process described must be exercised with extreme caution and should be tried out by experienced users only


  • A rooted android device (phone / tab) with android 2.2 (Froyo)

  • Files: Compiled files, and SolaimanLipiNormal.ttf (custom font) download here

  •  File manager with root access for Android

    -Root Explorer…

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A Blackberry Curve 8320 and Macbook Pro (10.6.4). The Tether story

Tether really gave me a hard time to configure these two wild animals. Tried for 4 or 5 days, months back. After that used my old friend Nokia 3500c. Which was a charm to setup. No extra settings needed. Just pair with system and mention the APN and boom. You are connected.

But today I have managed some free time and decided to give another try for it. I was getting tired of chancing sim from one set to another. Some search and reading. After which came across these links one after another and finally got a working solution.

Main trick which I missed earlier was,
Use number: *99#
Username: (space)
Password: (space)
* (space) [seriously just 1 space no other character]

And boom, I am connected.

Links: (in order of appearance)


Prologue: Ohh, did I mention I have also tried the tetherberry, till evaluation period? It was really nice with some minor glitch. I did planned to buy it after this final try. But lucky me :D.

Electrons, Here I Arrive…

Its a long long long……. story.. short: One of my school friend became school teacher. As he was new, silently forced to take responsibility of arranging a science fair. He have to arrange few projects, make them successful and show to the students… you know, our the usual other way round thingy.

So, me to the rescue.. arranged a small project with an electronics person. I talked with him and finalized the delivery date and price. But at the day before deadline I called him to know the status, he replied: “Apne to amake ovabe bolen nai. Ei kaj korte gale keu nijer poisay kore. Amake jinish kine dite hobe. bla bla bla “. In short, as I took the responsibility, I am F… up (too usual in here).

I said, “Grrrr” and “Ok lets see whats so special about it”. I have strong interest in electronics, specially the fusion of hardware and software part (low level programming, it’s low man :)) ). But never ventured the electronics part before (though did some digital logic way back in undergrad).

Started searching and learning. Gathered design and basic behind the “Light Sensitive Switch” used for nightlights.

Why am I writing this post again? Yah, right… I want share with newbies or the beginners our there with same interest to get out and get started.
Like Phil Collins say,
Don’t be scared, don’t be shy
Lift your head it’s gonna be alright

Stuffs bought, we started with diagram and nothing worked :P. We were in tense situation, whats wrong? Later we got the idea, there were some damaged components. In the process we forgot which Resistor in what ohm. Searched and found this site for easy calculation. Just remember the first band is other side of golder band.

Also checkout these fine sites to support you with some weird ideas on tech thingy.

One is instructables. Excellent design and detailed step by step instructions. You can find what i have worked on in here. Also more detailed diagram in here.

Another, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. I like it for simple and weird ideas. I have done this project.

In final word, price of components are not that high. Above two project components in two sets each was around 200TK. Try it out if you have interest. Be careful with hot rods 😀 (The Soldering Iron). Tryout the project in a breadboard before fixing/finalizing it on board. Bread board is a bit costly but its worth it if you are planning to venture these sort of stuff often. Some of our work picture is posted at the end.
Enjoy…. ppl.